GPS training for MNP and MFG staff, RNI Betampona, Madagascar Train the teachers, Environmental Education Centre, Madagascar
Capacity Building - Training


Focusing on capacity development, complex as it may be, is really the only way to help countries end aid dependency. Empower people to take the future into their own hands and be the drivers of change. 


Capacity building of local teams in the field has been without a doubt the most satisfying in my career. It is amazing to see how some people with just a bit of guidance can transform into good tecnicians, competent rangers or even leaders with increased confidence. These people often are the driving force in conservation programmes, in their communities, which automatically has a cascading effect on others who are inspired by them. This is what ultimately leads to sustainable change, we as foreigners only pass by briefly. Needless to say that I often learned a lot more from them than the other way around, so it is the exchange and sharing that makes a difference, creates trust and willingness to collaborate.


Familiar providing on the job training in biodiversity monitoring protocols, in data collection and analysis, in advocacy, and in project management. My main experience has been within NGO sector and local civil society, including small associations and local communities.